We continue to offer DFI, an ultra-thin transparent glass coating that chemically bonds to the surface of the glass, which repels both water and oil contaminants. DFI is highly recommended for shower applications, railings, and any glass exposed to the elements. Our DFI is machine applied: and always on both surfaces of the glass.

United States

Shower Enclosures

Residential Glass

Commercial Glass


  • Glass is first loaded inside the FuseCube’s chamber.

  • Then, utilizing a proprietary CVD process, the Diamon-Fusion® coating is circulated throughout the chamber and fused onto both sides of the glass.

  • Once the coating process is complete, the glass is ready for handling and can be shipped immediately.

Untreated Glass​

Treated Glass​

Suitable for Multiple Types of Glass:

  • Tempered glass

  • Low-E glass

  • Insulated glass (IG) units

  • Laminated glass

  • Satin-etched glass

  • Curved glass

  • Patterned/textured glass

DFI Allows:

  • Cuts cleaning time up to 90%

  • More free time and less cleaning

  • Protects against stains and corrosion

  • From dirt and grime to limescale and hard water

  • Eliminates chemical cleaners

  • Eco-friendly; saves on water usage and costly products

  • No aftercare products required

  • Single application chemically bonds to the glass

  • Lifetime warranty on residential surfaces

  • Guaranteed to never chip, crack, peel, yellow or haze

  • UV resistant

  • Will not breakdown in sunlight

  • Scratch resistant

  • Helps prevent abrasions

Ecofirendly and UV Resistant

  • Diamon-Fusion is 100% optically clear and UV stable (won't break down in sunlight)

  • Diamon- Fusion also eliminates the need for harsh chemical clearners, promoting a more hygienic environment.


Diamon-Fusion® Protective Coating Glass Benefits

Diamon-Fusion® Protective Glass Coating for Shower Doors

Diamon-Fusion® Protective Glass Coating for Commercial Glass Railings