We are now offering Insulated Glass with TPS spacer. The TPS  production line in the most modern and flexible solution for Insulating glass. With its "warm edge" it transfers less thermal heat, which improves the overall efficiency of the unit. Furthermore, TPS reduces condensation.


Our Insulated glass units can be arranged with different glass compositions for different types of application, such as: Hurricane Impact resistant windows, Refrigerator doors, acoustic partitions, insulated windows and much more.

Technical Specs:

We offer Insulated Glass in Thickness of: 

  • 1/4''

  • 3/8''

  • 1/2''

  • 5/8''

  • 3/4''


Min & Max Sizes:
Min: 12''x12''
Max: 84''x137''
Max Weight: 2,000 LBS


Low-e Comparison Chart:

Product equivalence for North America
6mm Glass | 13mm Spacer (Argon 90% Air 10%) | 6mm Glass

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  • Glass is cut (matching tablets)

  • Glass edging, once the insulated glass is cut, layers must be sealed using sealants so that the two separate sheets of glass become one unit of glass.

  • Then the spacer is assembled in which the glass is joined using single panes using a spacer bar.

  • Gas filling is then used to fill the space between planes, the most common gas used is Argon, Krypton and Zenon gases.

TPS System Warm Edge

The term “Warm Edge” refers to a thermally-improved edge seal of an insulating glass unit. Materials that transfer significantly less thermal heat to the outside are used in place of the conventionally-used materials such as aluminum or steel. This leads to an increase in energy efficiency and to a reduction in heating costs. Furthermore, TPS® reduces condensation.