We are now offering laminated glass with PVB or Sentry Glas    from                 .  Our laminated glass can be used on Hurricane Impact resistant windows, store fronts, Interior partitions, burglar resistant, railings, applications, and much more. Also, with our high quality after polish, we can provide the best finish on edges for railings or any high-end application that demands it.

Vortex Glass laminated glass is warranted to meet the quality strength requirements of ANSI Z97.1-2015 & CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Standards

Min & Max Sizes:
Min: 12''x50''
Max:  96''x144'' 
Max Weight: 2,000 LBS



Technical Specs:

Laminated Glass as mentioned previously uses an interlayer this provides a Sandwich style on the glass which in turn offers more protection. We offer Laminated Glass in Thickness of: 

  • 5/16''

  • 7/16''

  • 9/16''

  • 11/16''

  • 13/16''

  • 1 1/16

We offer Interlayers of: PVB: .090 , .030
Sentry Glass: .035, .060, .090

Laminated Glass needs to be either heat strengthen or tempered. 


  • Glass is loaded and cleaned

  • The interlayer (PVB or SGP) is applied to the first glass, and the second glass is then applied to the film.

  • The glass is then moved to an oven where a roller passes through the glass at a high temperature. This is to eliminate bubbles as well to ensure the bonding of the interlayer to the glass.

  • The laminated glass is then stored on racks

  • The racks are then placed on a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave to achieve the the final adhesion and transparency.


Both PVB and SGP are common interlayers that are used in the making of Laminated Glass. The main difference between the two interlayers is that SGP will stay standing when both sides of the glass are broken compared to PVB that will break when both sides of the glass are damaged. SGP then is recommended for application where there are places that have bad weather or where there is high security issues.